breakfast for lunch

         photo: ©Moya McAllister 2016 

Mmmm… It’s always tough to cook something delicious for breakfast. Time’s too short! I prefer to read the news & sip coffee until I’m awake enough to get down to business. So I usually choose a Greek yogurt & some fruit or steelcut oatmeal to start my day. But I do love eggs, and this is one way to get a protein & fiber packed lunch and get my eggs too.

Toasted whole wheat bagel 250 calories (This one is a WW everything bagel from Baz Bagels in NYC, so good)
spray olive or canola oil for pan
3 large eggs, beaten w/ tbsp H2O
200 calories 
1/2 cup steamed whole leaf spinach
25 calories
1 oz. mild cheddar, shredded 73 calories
Total: 498 calories 

Heat up an 8 inch non-stick pan on medium-high, and spray with olive oil or canola oil mister. Add the spinach & garlic, and warm through while making sure it’s spread out in the pan relatively evenly. Beat the eggs with a little water & add the shredded cheese. Pour over the spinach to cover completely with egg mixture – let it set, about 3-5 minutes depending on your pan. Take a spatula or flat wooden spoon & fold the omelette over, and then fold it again once it’s completely cooked to make a triangle. Slide into onto the bottom of your bagel, add the top & pick it up. Use two hands and try not to let it fall out as you eat it! 😂

Protein: 33.5g   Fat: 21.5g   Carbs: 56.7g

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